“Welcome to Affordable Fulfillment—The Home of Stress-Free Fulfillment and 3PL
Affordable Fulfillment is strategically located in the Fremont Area of Northern California, within minutes of the major ports and airports of Oakland and San Francisco.

Fulfillment and Shipping Warehousing and
Inventory Managemen
Fulfillment Technology that Makes Your Life Easy
Never worry about getting orders out the door again! The friendly professionals at Affordable Fulfillment have spent the last 13 years helping entrepreneurs like you reduce stress and save money. Enjoy the benefits of fast, accurate fulfillment done yourway. Our San Leandro warehouse is conveniently located to receive inventory from every corner of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is state-of-the-art, spacious, and secure. Tired of tripping over cartons of merchandise on your way to the coffee pot? We can solve that problem for you. Today. Affordable Fulfillment services are all about you. That goes for our technology as well. Our proprietary software offers all the high-tech goodies you’re likely to need, but our real secret weapons are communication and attention to detail, and that’s not rocket science.

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